Things to Consider When Building a Catio

  You’ve decided to build a catio so your cat can enjoy the outdoors while always staying safe and protected. You’ve planned HOW you are going to build the structure with a DIY Catio Plan but perhaps you aren’t sure where to locate the catio or whether to use a...

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It’s Easy to Build a DIY Catio for Your Cat!

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, you can provide many benefits for your feline friend, including safety, enrichment, fresh air and the stimulation of nature, by building a catio. Catios are cat enclosures or "cat patios" that provide peace of mind knowing...

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Top 10 Benefits of a Catio

Cats naturally want to be outdoors where they can experience fresh air, exercise and the enrichment of the sights, sounds and movement of nature.  Unfortunately, there are many outdoor dangers cats can encounter. If your indoor cat clamors to be outside, or you worry...

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