Cat Behavior & Enrichment

cat enrichment

Whether you have a single cat or multiple cats in your household, it’s important to provide enrichment and stimulation on a daily basis for their health and wellbeing.

Cats naturally want to be outdoors where they can experience the stimulation of fresh air and the sights, sounds and movement of the natural world. However, there are many outdoor hazards.

A catio, an outdoor cat enclosure or “cat patio,” can solve the indoor/outdoor dilemma to keep your cat safe, healthy and happy. Catios also provide additional territory and stimulation to help reduce indoor multiple cat issues.

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, there are many benefits of having a catio including cat safety and enrichment.

catio diy catio plan cat enclosure Sanctuary 8x10 catiospaces

We take the guesswork out of building a catio!  Do you want to build a catio?   Or hire a local carpenter to build one of our catio plans for you?

catio cat enclosure custom patio catiospaces

From simple to sublime, we build custom catios for a window, porch, patio, deck, garden or yard that will complement your home. Serving the greater Seattle area.

catio cat enclosure cat lounging mars catiospaces

Meet some lucky catio cats including before and after photos! See photos of client projects for a window, porch, patio, deck or yard.

catio cynthia chomos founder catiospaces

I’m passionate about design, nature and cats.  As a Feng Shui Consultant and catio designer, I understand the importance of creating environments for…

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