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The Colorful Catio Menagerie!

WATCH VIDEO: The Colorful Catio Menagerie (3 min.)  Also see “Behind the Scenes” video too!

Explore this fun and colorful, multi-catio menagerie for some lucky cats featuring 4 catios and 70 feet of catwalk tunnels including:


catio cat enclosure window box black catio spaces


Breed: Domestic short hair
Colors: white, tan, brown and black spots
Age: 14
Personality: friendly, curious
Favorite spot in the catios:
Lounging on the top shelves of the large catio in the front yard.
Favorite catio time:
Whenever the weather is sunny and warm…a sun worshipper!

catio cat enclosure haven white catio spaces


Breed: Domestic medium hair
Colors: black
Age: 9
Personality: sweet, shy
Favorite spot in the catios:
Loves following the sun from one catio to the next and watching all the outdoor fun.
Favorite catio time:
Most of the day, especially when the sun is shining.

catio cat enclosure window box black catio spaces


Breed: Domestic medium hair
Colors: buff and white
Age: 1 1/2 (Ghost’s littermate)
Personality: sweet, energetic, loves to run, hides under quilts on the bed
Favorite spot in the catios: Anywhere!  Loves chasing Ghost through the tunnels.
Favorite catio time:
Anytime, especially at night.

catio cat enclosure haven white catio spaces


Breed: Domestic Siamese mix
Colors: white and grey
Age: 1 1/2 (Emmett’s littermate)
Personality: shy, loves treats
Favorite spot in the catios: Anywhere!   Loves the cat tunnel, bird watching, chasing bugs and hanging with his buddy Emmett.
Favorite catio time:
Anytime, especially at night.


WATCH VIDEO: “Behind the Scenes” footage of building the catios.

Building Materials Statistics

Catio Spaces used the following materials to create this multi-catio project:

  • 400 pieces of lumber
  • 17 rolls of wire mesh
  • 10 polycarbonate roof panels
  • 4 gallons and 6 quarts of paint
  • 250 feet cedar decking boards
  • 12 bags of cement
  • 265 hours of carpentry and painting labor
  • endless hours of fun for the lucky catio cats!

“I hadn’t realized how much fun it would be to have a catio until I got one. There are tons of benefits including the aesthetics (great garden art that makes everyone smile) to the fact that I can watch my cats running around outside and to know they are safe and can’t get eaten by a coyote or hit by a car. Everyone can live live in harmony…the dogs can’t get to the cats, and the cats can’t get to the birds. It’s so fun to see them in the catio and I get to enjoy the bright colors and garden art in my yard. Thank you Cynthia, and your carpenters Jack and Rob, for making our catio dreams come true!  

- Daphne, Cat Parent


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