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Catios for Small Spaces

Keep your cats safe, healthy, and happy in an outdoor cat enclosure. Catio Spaces offers a vartiey of DIY Catio Plans that take the guess work out of building a catio to save time and money. Build one yourself or hire a carpenter to build a catio plan for you.

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Trampoline Kitty Gets a Catio

If your cat is a door-dasher, window-launcher, or a trampoline escape artist, a spacious, secure, and attractive catio is exactly what your home and cat need! See how Catio Spaces helped one adventure-seeking cat with her very own custom catio design.

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Does Your Indoor Cat Want a Catio?

Is your cat trying to tell you they want a catio? Cat parents keep sharing how a catio added joy and outdoor enrichment for both their cats and themselves. Why not open up a whole new world for your cat, too?

8 Catio-Building Mistakes to Avoid

When you build a catio, you'll want it to last and provide freedom from stress and worry. That means starting with a a tried-and-true DIY Catio Plan and making some sensible upfront decisions that will ensure your new catio is a secure, attractive haven that you and your cat will enjoy.

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A Deck Catio: Love is Blind

Cats have an insatiable curiosity fed by a true love for adventure, so we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that sight-impaired cats don’t usually let their physical challenge slow them down. If you meet a blind cat, or should your cat become sight-impaired in their...

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