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Winterize Your Catio

When a hint of a winter chill arrives in the evening air, cat parents ponder how to keep their cats enjoying their catio all year round. Feline fascination with the wonders of winter will draw almost every cat outside to watch the season unfold. Whether winter...

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Home Safe Home: Pet Safety and Catios

We know how curious pets can be, especially now that the weather is cooler and we are in and out of the house, completing our countless pre-winter projects. Whether you have cats or dogs, an exploring pet can quickly swallow unattended objects, munch on toxic...

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Two Happy Catio Tales

September is Happy Healthy Cat Month! As cat parents and children head back to work and school, separation anxiety can become an issue for cats in many households. However, with a commitment to quality time with your favorite feline, some enrichment tips, and catio stimulation, you can keep your cat happy and your home harmonious with life changes.

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Timeshare Catios for Pets

All across the United States, pet parents are designing and building their outdoor enclosures with more than just felines in mind. Other species, like turtles, snakes and dogs can also safely enjoy the the enrichment and protection of a catio.

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