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Build a Catio Oasis: A DIY Success Story

At Catio Spaces, we love seeing the creations of cat parents who use our DIY Catio Plans to build a catio of their dreams. Meet one cat mom and two rescued feral cats living their dream in their own Oasis DIY Catio plan and tunnel!

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Winterize Your Catio for Cold Weather

When a hint of a winter chill arrives in the evening air, cat parents ponder how to keep their cats enjoying their catio all year round. Feline fascination with the wonders of winter will draw almost every cat outside to watch the season unfold. Whether winter...

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Catios Protect Birds and Wildlife

Daisy, Charlie, and Bug live surrounded by a lush wildlife environment, and native predators like bobcats and coyotes. To protect their beloved cats while still allowing them to enjoy the outdoors, their human guardians built not just one but two catios!

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How to Build a Catio For Your Cat

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, you can provide many benefits for your feline friend, including safety, enrichment, fresh air and the stimulation of nature, by building a catio. Catios are cat enclosures or "cat patios" that provide peace of mind knowing...

Large catio attached to the side of a house

Summer Catio Do’s and Dont’s

Sunshine and warmth bring lots of summer fun for catio cats, but the warmer weather also brings a few extra safety concerns. Here are a few summer catio do's and don'ts to keep your cats catio-safe all summer long.

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Is It Cheaper To Buy or Build a Catio?

When starting any cat enclosure project, whether you’re following a DIY Catio Plan, using a kit with pre-built panels, going custom with a catio designer/builder, or just winging it, it’s crucial to consider both the time and expenses involved to budget wisely. Here's a handy list of costs and things to think about while you're dreaming up your catio masterpiece.

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Where Can You Build a Catio?

The primary purpose of a catio is to provide safe, enriching outdoor access for your cat, but it’s so much more than just a big wire box. A catio can add beauty to the outside of your home or be a focal point for your garden.

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Catios for Small Spaces

Keep your cats safe, healthy, and happy in an outdoor cat enclosure. Catio Spaces offers a vartiey of DIY Catio Plans that take the guess work out of building a catio to save time and money. Build one yourself or hire a carpenter to build a catio plan for you.

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Keep cats safe and
protect birds & wildlife.

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It’s easy to build a catio with our award-winning plans designed to complement your home and suit your feline’s fancy!

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