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CATIO FUN! A Catio Showcase Music Video

Every day is fun in a catio! See our catio showcase featuring a variety of catios and happy cats enjoying the carefree catio lifestyle. Tabby Cevin, our “Daddio” cat, was a great sport and earned his sunglasses on this project. Check out why life is good in a catio!

Catios Catenclosures Catiospaces Music Video

Catios & Happy Cats

Meet some lucky cats who share how good life is in a catio. Exercise, cat naps, birdwatching and more! Cat door examples too. Enjoy!

Diy Catio Plans Catiospaces Happy Cats Catios

Penne’s Palace Catio

An outdoor shed was transformed into a cat castle for Penne to safely expand her domain outdoors. A catwalk tunnel connects the house to this unique catio. Life is regal in a catio!

Catio Spaces Catio Penne Palace Catio

Urban Deck Catio

Above a bustling city street, Fanta and Finnegan are living the "high life” in their deck catio with fresh air, people watching and more!

Catio Cat Enclosure Deck Catio Catiospaces

Halloween Catio

One of the joys of catios is you can decorate them. See tabby Monty in his Halloween themed catio. Apparently he isn’t afraid of big hairy spiders!

Halloween Catio 1

Deck Delight Catio

Former cat Chester got into all kinds of trouble outdoors. When three new kittens were adopted, they were kept indoors until the deck was transformed into a delightful catio.


Check out our free catio tips, DIY Catio Plans and custom catios to create a catio you and your felines will enjoy!

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