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While there is certainly endless information about catios available on the internet, there may be no better person in the world to explain the culture and craze behind them than Cynthia Chomos, founder and designer of  Catio Spaces (read more)
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Forget that she shed or man cave: The home addition you need to build is a catio (um, that’s a patio for cats, of course). Why does…(read more)

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With the growing feline enrichment movement comes more focus on products that give cats access to the outdoors, whether it’s on a leash…(read more)

Bored Panda

Summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere, which means your indoor cat might begin to crave a little fresh air and freedom. But what… (read more)

Curbed Seattle

Catio Spaces wants to let cats outside – while keeping them safe. Cynthia Chomos was never a cat person—that is, until a neighbor’s cat… (read more)

Pet Connection World Wide

Sometimes referred to as “catios,” outdoor cat enclosures offer the best of both worlds. If you’re a cat parent, there’s no doubt about it… (read more)

Country Living

These backyard spaces are the cat’s meow. Cats love to be outside, but letting them roam around on their own can lead to the possibility of… (read more)


Want to make your cat one of the happiest on the block? Consider building them a catio! A trend is sweeping the feline living scene, and… (read more).

Modern Cat
Is your feline a door dasher or wishful window watcher? A catio may be the purrfect solution. Cats naturally want to be outside where… (read more)
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Cats usually fall into one of two categories: outdoor or indoor. Catio Spaces sells plans for outdoor enclosures that allow… (read more)
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Bathroom remodel? Check. Kitchen expansion? Check. But have you added a catio outdoor space for your favorite feline friend? (read more)

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Catios provide the perfect spot for a fix of the great outdoors. Many types of cats can benefit from an outdoor enclosure, including… (read more)

American Bird Conservancy

Cynthia Chomos, the founder of Seattle-based Catio Spaces, talked with Grant Sizemore, ABC’s Director of Invasive Species… (read more)

National Wildlife Federation

Tens of millions of free-roaming felines take a huge toll on wildlife; what to do about them has spawned battles from coast to coast… (read more)

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Cats love strolling up and down the neighborhood but they also love their own space. It’s not always possible for them to roam around… (read more)

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A well-designed home accommodates the needs of all family members – including your pets. (read more)


What is a catio? These home additions, designed specifically for cats, are a growing trend that offer fresh air without the risk of your cat… (read more)

Modern Cat
We asked Cynthia Chomos, feng shui expert, catio designer, and founder of Catio Spaces, for an easy to implement plan to make sure your… (read more)

As every residential garden designer knows, a homeowner’s pets are your clients too. Pets’ well-being, habits, quirks, and age need to be… (read more)

Seattle Magazine

#18 Because we found a way to make outdoor cat pens that aren’t hideous. Curiosity may not always kill the cat, but it sure makes a cat… (read more)

Cattitude Daily

If you’ve never heard of a catio, that’s okay! Catios are simply patios just for cats, but sometimes they’re big enough for humans to hang out… (read more)


Creating an engaging and stimulating home for your cat is the key to helping her live a happy and healthy life. By adding to the environment… (read more)


It’s no secret that pet owners will go above and beyond to please their pets. But we have to admit, the catio is taking animal luxury to a… (read more)

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Who doesn’t enjoy the outdoors? As humans, our primary environment is home, but for cats, their primal preference is for the outdoors…. (read more)

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Cats live longer and healthier lives when they are kept indoors, but if you’d like to give your favorite feline some outdoor adventures, there… (read more)


While we humans relax on our deck and patios this summer, a new trend is making headlines, one that lets indoor cats bask in sunny… (read more)

New Jersey Herald

In their new outdoor living room, Coco and Rosie have lounging areas, exercise equipment, fragrant plants, tasteful lighting accents… (read more)

Apartment Therapy

Pet owners know that love has no bounds, especially when it comes to creating spaces to play. While dogs get to claim the yard, cats… (read more)

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Pets love routine, and so do most pet owners. But the stay-at-home order has turned everyone’s routine upside down. Whether you’re… (read more)


As you started shopping for your new home, did you make sure that you considered the needs of all of your family members including … (read more)

Marin Independent Journal

Like most Americans who grew up with cats, ours went outdoors as they pleased. While I enjoyed seeing them laze about in the sunshine… (read more)

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Architects, veterinarians and pet hotel designers share home improvement tips that can make life even sweeter for four-legged… (read more)

Paws Whiskers

Oskar was an unusually quiet cat, in my cat experiences. He was beautiful with a white coat and brown, black and grey spots. It was his… (read more)


From the top dog-friendly trails, to local cat café’s, to products that help animals look and feel their best, here’s how to pamper and enjoy quality… (read more)


It’s the dilemma of every cat owner: how to let Kitty enjoy the outdoors without risk of the Great Escape. The outside world can be a dangerous… (read more)


While it seems that dogs get the majority of love, there are countless cat lovers far and wide. But the good thing about cats is… (read more).

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Cats are naturally curious and if you could translate their “meows” they would probably tell you they want to be outside exploring… (read more)

Catnap Chronicles

Cats enjoy the outdoors. Most house pets aren’t well equipped to survive on their own outside. A catio, or a cat patio, is the purrfect solution… (read more)

Ballard News Tribune

Cynthia Chomos is a Feng Shui and color consultant. She specializes in designing spaces. It just happens that most of her is designing… (read more)

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House cats love to roam outdoors, but letting them run freely outside isn’t always the safest or most convenient thing to do, depending where you live. That’s where “catios” are wonderful solutions. (read more)

House Call

Do you have an indoor kitty dying to escape the confines of your home? Expand your cat’s territory with a brand new catio – a patio for… (read more)

City Living

As a cat lover, I understand my responsibility to ensure my cat, Buca, is well-fed, has a clean litter box and access to my lap for snuggle… (read more)


The coronavirus pandemic has led to a surge in pet adoptions and home improvement projects… (read more)

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For those of us with indoor cats, sometimes we can feel bad for our sweet kitties when we see them staring longingly out the window. We keep them indoors… (read more)


Evening Magazine

Do it yourself catios. How to create an outdoor oasis for your feline friends. (watch video) (watch video).

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“Lucky” doesn’t begin to describe old Max the cat. With a loving owner, all the treats he can eat and a closet full of cat toys, Max (watch video)
Seattel Refined

The garden is a great place to relax and hit the paws button on the busy pace for life. But for cats, the call of the great outdoors (watch video)

Evening Magazine

Producer Michael King of Evening Magazine visited the home of Cynthia Chomos, feng shui consultant and catio designer, to meet… (watch video).

King5 Blue Square

What’s a catio you ask? It’s an outdoor, enclosed cat patio…hence a catio. (watch video)


We examine the pet industry, from pamper parlours to cutting-edge vet surgeries. We speak to Mindy Montney, who runs pet store Dog and Company in Manhattan, Ineke Boyle, who runs South African dog hotel Must Love Dogs and Cynthia Chomos, who designs catios, or cat patio garden enclosures. (listen)




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