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“Lucky” doesn’t begin to describe old Max the cat. With a loving owner, all the treats he can eat and a closet full of cat toys, Max lives a life any of us would envy.
“He’s a cat of leisure,” said his owner Kris Tsujikawa. “I think he sleeps most of the day.” But a life of leisure can turn rather tedious. So when Max needs a break from all of his napping, he retires to his patio, or more specifically his “catio.” A catio is a custom made outdoor hangout for cats made by Seattle’s (read more and see video clip)

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Cats are naturally curious and if you could translate their “meows” they would probably tell you they want to be outside exploring. However, for many cats, it’s just not safe to be outside. Unless of course, they are safely enclosed in their own custom catio…. Cynthia Chomos is the founder and designer of Catio Spaces (safe, outdoor enclosures for cats.) Her latest “Catnap Catio” was created for a rescued Tabby cat. It features a 6-foot daybed with pillows and blankets, a spiral staircase leading to an upper catwalk shelf, cat-safe plants and more. It also doubles as Chomos’ garden retreat. (Is it wrong to be jealous of cats?) (read more)

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Bathroom remodel? Check. Kitchen expansion? Check. But have you added a catio outdoor space for your favorite feline friend? Seattle designer and licensed general contractor Cynthia Chomos creates plans for cat patios — safe outdoor pet enclosures — that range from window perch boxes to full-on outdoor rooms. The three-sided designs attach to, and complement, your house, and can include elements such as cedar shelves, a catwalk, branches, a human-size door or a polycarbonate sunroof. Sizes range from 3-feet-by-6-feet to 8-feet-by-10-feet.

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31 Reasons Pets Love Seattle

#18 Because we found a way to make outdoor cat pens that aren’t hideous

Curiosity may not always kill the cat, but it sure makes a cat owner—not to mention the local songbird population—anxious. Cynthia Chomos of Ballard wanted to give her tabby, Serena, a stimulating outdoor experience without worrying that she would wander off or be injured. A year ago, the feng shui consultant, general contractor and animal lover turned that motivation into Catio Spaces (, outdoor enclosures in which cats can securely experience their environment. If tacking a giant cat cage to the side of your house just doesn’t sound appealing, fear not.  (read more)

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Evening Magazine – King 5 TV

Producer Michael King of Evening Magazine visited the home of Cynthia Chomos, feng shui consultant and catio designer, to meet her cat Serena and share how feng shui is incorporated into the design of cat enclosures. View a 3-minute video clip here.

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A trend is sweeping the feline living scene, and if you want your cat to be one of the happiest on the block, you may be in for a minor home renovation project. Say hello to the catio, aka, a cat patio. According to a recent trend piece in the Washington Post, catios are not only a fun way to give your pet a luxe outdoor space, but they’re also a safe option since they keep your pet from roaming or getting into trouble with other animals such as birds…. Some companies even specialize in these custom built enclosures. Catio Spaces in Seattle (read more).

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Feline fans rejoice: every day can be #Caturday if you live in one of the following 25 most cat-friendly cities for 2019, ranked based on data from Redfin, the tech-powered real estate brokerage, and Trupanion, a leader in high-quality medical insurance for pets. Corvalis, OR; Spokane, WA ; and Orlando,  FL claimed the top three spots in a study looking at 250 cities nationwide. To determine the ranking, Trupanion analyzed its data on access to cat-specific services such as clinics, shelters and hospitals, as well as environmental hazards like sago palm, a tropical plant that is poisonous to cats. Redfin calculated the percentage of homes for sale with cat-friendly features such as high ceilings for room to climb, an extra bathroom for additional litter-box options, and patios for those who’d like to utilize them as “catios.” Yes, that’s a patio for cats. (read more).

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Cats love strolling up and down the neighbourhood but they also love their own space. It’s not always possible for them to roam around for some fresh air (what if they get lost), so Seattle based business Catio Spaces is offering a solution. As suggested by their name, they help design catios – as in patios for your cats – providing DIY instructions that can be downloaded from their website. Your feline friends will never have a dull moment with any of these garden designs that range from small spaces to complex contraptions. Cynthia Chomos, the founder of the company, tells why she felt the need to design a recreational space for our kitties. (read more).

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Kenmore kitties Purrcival and Penelope are showing their twelfie spirit with a custom-designed and decorated catio space that reflects the passion of their owner, a longtime Seahawks fan who will be in Arizona on Sunday for his first Super Bowl. The 7’x’6’x7′ enclosed outdoor space was designed by Cynthia Chomos, the founder of Seattle’s Catio Spaces. Chomos is a feng shui consultant and general contractor who applies her expertise to the creation and construction of safe outdoor enclosures for cats. (read more)

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Apparently, Catios are a Thing Now.

These backyard spaces are the cat’s meow.

Cats love to be outside, but letting them roam around on their own can lead to the possibility of your feline friend getting dirty, lost, or worse, hurt. The latest solution? The catio (a patio, for cats—get it?). A catio is like a man cave (or a she-shed) for Whiskers… (read more) logo

Even domesticated animals need to get some fresh air, but cat owners find themselves confronting a dilemma: No self-respecting cat will submit to going for a walk on a leash, but when allowed to roam free, they’re likely to get in a fight, pick up fleas or ticks, or bring back the lovely gift of a half-dead rodent.So that’s why “catios” are catching on across the nation….Catios “don’t need to look like a cage attached to the house,” says Cynthia Chomos of, who’s built over… (read more)

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All Animals Magazine. Humane Society of the United States.

The Cat’s Meow

Catios provide the perfect spot for a fix of the great outdoors

Every now and then, on nice days, Krista Rakovan would let her cats onto the back deck for some supervised sunbathing. She watched how much Julius, Ginger and Kobe loved lying in the sun—the only time they were permitted outside—and she thought about how she could add more variety to their lives.(read more)

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Cynthia Chomos is a Feng Shui and color consultant. She specializes in designing spaces. It just happens that most of her is designing outdoor spaces for cats, and with the onset of summer this is her busy season. When I told someone I was doing an interview about cat patios, or catios, she was surprised to learn they are “a thing.” The more you learn about them the more sense it makes. Especially if you want to be approved to adopt a cat by many shelters, and then want to increase the chance of the feline’s survival. As Chomos says, “A cat’s primal urge is to be outdoors.” Hence her company, Catio Spaces, which creates “safe outdoor enclosures” to give the “indoor” cat access to the outdoors, but without the ability to kill birds or dig in the neighbor’s lettuce starts. (read more)

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Anyone interested in feline enrichment knows how much cats love the outdoors. They also know how risky it is for cats to be free-roaming — they can be hit by cars, trapped in garages and just plain lost. Then there are the birds they kill (although windows also do major damage to bird populations). Some of the world’s most forward-thinking cat owners have devised a solution: the catio. (read more)

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House cats love to roam outdoors, but letting them run freely outside isn’t always the safest or most convenient thing to do, depending where you live. That’s where “catios” are wonderful solutions. (read more)

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City Living Seattle

When I adopted my cat Buca from a city shelter, I signed a contract in good faith to keep her indoors. After all, the shelter had saved her life, and I promised to protect her. After several years as an indoor-only cat, Buca decided she wanted time outside, and she made her wishes known in potent ways. However, cats pose considerable risks to themselves and other animals when allowed to roam freely…(read more)

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For those of us with indoor cats, sometimes we can feel bad for our sweet kitties when we see them staring longingly out the window. We keep them indoors because we know this is the safest decision, and the thought of anything happening to them keeps us from letting them go explore. But what if there was a way for us to have peace of mind but our cats still get to enjoy the outdoors? Yep, that’s right, we’re talking about catios! (read more)


Catnap Chronicles

Cats enjoy the outdoors. Most house pets aren’t well equipped to survive on their own outside. A catio, or a cat patio, is the purrfect solution for a bored, indoor house pet that needs more stimulation. Catios are outdoor enclosures that give pets the feeling of being outside, while still being protected in a safe environment. (read more)

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Northwest REporter

Feng Shui, a popular design philosophy to help make homes more appealing, can be beneficial to cats, too, according to a well-known Seattle-based consultant-trainer. Cynthia Chomos, the founder of the Feng Shui School for Real Estate Sales, has launched CatioSpaces, a company that creates safe outdoor enclosures for felines. (read more)

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