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Join us for an inspiring and educational catio tour!

(SATURDAY, AUGUST 10, 2024) 
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Ticket sale proceeds will be donated to non-profit animal welfare organization partners. 

Catio Tours Seattle
Does your indoor cat want outside?

Do you worry your outdoor cat might not come home?

Does your cat bring you bird and wildlife “gifts?”

Are you tired of seeing postings for lost, injured, or deceased cats in your neighborhood?

Annoyed by free roaming cats entering your yard, garden beds, and fighting with your cats?

Take a self-guided tour of six homes featuring catios in Seattle area neighborhoods.

LEARN how catios, outdoor “cat patios” protect cats from predators, vehicles, and other hazards while safely enjoying the enrichment of the outdoors.

BE INSPIRED. See how catios can be a positive addition to your home and how to create one to enhance your cat’s life.

PROTECT birds and wildlife by creating a cat and bird-friendly home and garden.

MAINTAIN GOOD NEIGHBOR RELATIONS by providing your cats with safe outdoor time on a leash or in a catio.

Meet catio owners and see a variety of catios from small to large (with space for humans too), including a window box, cat walk tunnels, porch, deck, garden, and destination catios. Get ideas for shelves, enrichment, décor, and more!

Sign up in advance and invite a friend!

The day before the tour you will receive an email with the catio locations and tour information. You’ll also receive monthly catio inspiration!

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Seattle Catio Tour 2019

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In Partnership with Non-Profit Animal Welfare Organizations

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